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Preview book 'Safety from Within'

In mid-2010, I received a call from a renowned engineering firm that I had previously worked with several times. They asked me if I was interested in building a chemical plant and becoming a site manager. It was for a relatively small international joint venture. The first meeting with the initiator was positive and given my fascination with "building" factories, I became enthusiastic about the challenge. Shortly after, I travelled to meet again, and we soon reached an agreement.

I immediately became immersed in the details of the project. The installation to be built fell under the Decree on Major Accidents Risks, or the #BRZO / #SEVESO regulation, which meant that it is an installation that in the event of problems can lead to severe #accidents and significant environmental pollution over a great distance. Such risky activities meant building a factory where #safety had to be high on the list.

Environmental and building permit applications went according to plan and without any significant obstacles. Investment costs, however, did increase due to the additional measures we had to take as a result of the prevailing regulations.

We started construction in mid-2011. We had the #construction #safety policy, if I say so myself, well organised, and despite dealing with cowboy-type contractors shoved down my throat, we completed the construction without significant #incidents.

We submitted the #safety plan, the #emergencyplan, the #riskassessment, etc. on time and everything else that was required under the BRZO / SEVESO scheme. We passed the initial inspection with ...

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